BME Personnel in West Yorkshire Police: Findings of West Yorkshire Black Police Association (2010)

Findings from West Yorkshire Black Police Association (WYBPA) meeting held on the 9th February 2010 found there were still concerns by personnel from BME backgrounds serving within the West Yorkshire Police.
Concern was mainly surrounding issues of disproportionality in discipline, unsatisfactory performance, investigation and sanctions.  The report also highlighted that West Yorkshire Police need to listen to its BME staff and amend their working practices if they were to retain their BME staff and increase the BME workforce to represent the community it serves.

WYBPA surveyed Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) police officers and staff from West Yorkshire Police that attended the meeting on 9th February 2010 and found that;

  • 80% felt that the discipline investigation and unsatisfactory performance was not fair, transparent and proportionate.
  • 70% did not feel the outcome of the procedure was proportionate in comparison to non-BME colleagues.
  • 71% had experienced discrimination, bullying, harassment or unfair treatment at work.

A survey by the West Yorkshire Police Authority (WYPA) in January 2011 found:

  • Responses tended to be more negative from BME than white respondents
  • When asked how respondents felt they were treated throughout the process, the majority responded negatively, stating they were treated unfairly, like a criminal, they were not kept informed or listened to, and their treatment was disproportionate.
  • Professional Standards Department did not have any BME members of staff
  • Significantly more white than BME respondents were confident that complaints or allegations of misconduct would be dealt with in a way that is fair, appropriate and clear.

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