Racial Justice Network – Weekly Bulletin 12/12/2011

What’s in the news?
Feature Article

Bradford’s failure to undertake a comprehensive Equality Impact Assessment has lead to the closure and public auction of a neighbourhood swimming pool in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Manningham.  Read More below: National News:

Article:  Former BNP councillor Paul Golding is campaigning to free Emma West, who has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence after a video of her racist rant on a tram appeared on YouTube.

Article:  Study reveals anger with police fuelled summer unrest

Article: Stoke-on Trent mosque arsonists jailed.

Article:  Racism and Islamophobia and the case of Babar Ahmad

Article:  Sri Lankan Huyton shop murder may have been racially motivated, says shop keeper.

Article: Murder victim’s family furious after detective who ignored racial motivation during the murder probe is promoted. 

Article:  Man assaulted in “racially motivated” attack.

Article:  Muslim woman,52, racially abused by Telford gang.

Article:  Kirkby man is jailed for racist attack.

Article:  Police probe racist attack on driver.

Article:  Student leaves UK after racist attack.

Article:  Coalition crisis as Nick Clegg vows to fight for the EU

Article:  Benefit cut for tenants with a spare bedroom

Article:  Police test laser which can ‘temporarily’ blind rioters

 News from your Area:
Article:  Probe into number of children without meals

Article:  Bradford Sikh temple defends Barkerend area gates installation.

Article:  Thandi brothers’ new attempt to build Castle Hill pub.

Article:  Elland swimming pool closes in a hurry over fears the roof may collapse.  

Article:  Closure of a firm specialising in building services will lead to loss of 55 jobs.

Article:  Extra trains for Leeds commuters.

Article:  Occupy Leeds Campers pledge ‘We will still be here come Christmas Day’.

 Feature Article
 Bradford’s failure to undertake a comprehensive Equality Impact Assessment has lead to the closure and public auction of a neighbourhood swimming pool in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Manningham.  
Despite a valiant campaign by the Manningham Pool Action Committee, the Victorian Society, Manningham residents and JUST West Yorkshire to keep Bradford’s unique, historic Edwardian swimming pool open to the public, Bradford Council went ahead and the closed the baths on 8thJuly 2011 due to a decision to cut costs. Two months later the water from the pool was drained and the building has since been broken into three times.
The decision was made following a shambolic failure by Bradford Council to carry out an Equalities Impact Assessment as part of its legal obligation. There appears to have been no consideration given to young people or the 12 primary schools in this deprived neighbourhood, many of them with children on free school meals.  The plans to close the baths will save Bradford Council £119,000 in refurbishment costs whilst at the same time £200,000 was comitted to upgrading the Lido in Ilkley, one of the most affulent districts in Bradford.  There are currently proposals afoot for a further £10 million scheme to knock down and rebuild the Lido swimming pool in Ilkely.  The distance between Manningham Baths and the new proposed Ilkley pool is approximately 12 miles and the likelihood that Manningham residents can access this facility is fairly remote. Manningham pool had been used by swimmers for last 107 years.  

Local residents were left outraged and upset with the cost cutting measure which has left the community devastated.  On the 8thof July 2011, the BBC covered the closure of the baths and reported that Ian Dungavell, director of the Victorian Society, said: “It’s a crime to waste a great historic building without fully investigating ways of keeping it open.”

Manningham Baths were designed by Bradford City architect Frederick Edwards (1863-1945), and opened in 1904. English Heritage’s list entry says: ‘The building is a skilful composition, with well detailed exterior stonework achieving a clean, uncluttered exterior which complements other public buildings in the immediate vicinity… The completeness of the interior is exceptional, including original changing cubicles, decor and reception area, and unusual detail such as ceramic spittoons along the sides of the pool.’
There are only over 50 listed Victorian and Edwardian pools in the country with  only 13 in current use after the building on Carlisle Road was shut.  Many residents have described the pool as a national treasure.  Pool buildings are notoriously hard to find new uses for and the longer Manningham Pool lies empty the harder it will be to save.
Manningham experiences multiple problems in areas such as health, unemployment, crime, deprivation, access to facilities.  Therefore closure of facilities like the Manningham baths has a massive impact on the local community.  
The Manningham baths is up for auction for a mere £50,000 by Bradford Council.  Where will this money go?  What will happen to the site?  What benefit will the sale of the building bring to the local community? These are important questions that local councilors need to answer to their electorate.

 Fact of the Week

  • 21 out of 43 police forces have decided to scrap recording the Race of people they stop and ask to account for their movements – which was a national requirement until March this year – to reduce bureaucracy and save money and time.   Will this lead to targeting ethnic minorities unfairly?

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