Count of Gypsy and Traveller Caravans – January 2013

This official statistical release provides summary information on local counts of Gypsy and Traveller caravans in England. These counts record the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised sites across England. They are carried out to provide local data on the number of caravans and the seasonal movement of caravans. This is a vital tool in identifying need for site provision and in tackling unauthorised encampments and developments.

The Count of Gypsy and Traveller Caravans publication is compiled from information submitted by local authorities in England. Local authorities carry out a count of caravans on Gypsy and Traveller sites twice a year, in January and July, providing a snapshot of the number of caravans on the day of the count. Information is collected about caravans on authorised socially-rented sites, authorised privately-funded sites, unauthorised developments (sites on land owned by Gypsies or Travellers for which planning permission had not been granted) and unauthorised encampments (on land not owned by Gypsies or Travellers and which do not have planning permission).

The information is published in four tables:

␣ Table 1 contains the number of caravans on authorised and unauthorised sites for the last five counts nationally and by local authority area;

␣ Table 2 contains details of the location and size of Gypsy/Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Caravan sites provided by local authorities and private registered providers;

␣ Table 3 contains the number of Travelling Showpeople caravans on authorised and unauthorised sites for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 counts nationally and by local authority area; and

␣ Table 4 gives national totals for the main categories of authorised and unauthorised sites for each count since January 1979.

Further details of the count of Travelling Showpeople, which takes place each January, are given on page 5. Data from the Gypsy and Traveller Caravan count are used by other Government departments, local authorities and essential services to plan service delivery. Collection and publication twice a year is essential to reflect winter residence and summer travelling trends and demands on services. Due to the strong seasonal differences between the January and July counts, all comparisons refer to year-on-year changes. Numbers quoted in this release have been rounded, given that estimates are made for non-responding local authorities and so quoting precise figures might be regarded as implying a spuriously high level of accuracy.

This statistical release does not include any regional totals following last year’s consultation on the publication of regional statistics. Further details are given in the Written Ministerial Statement of 18 December 2012, which is available at local-enterprise-partnerships-and-upper-tier-local-authorities.

Report: Statistical_release_Gypsy_and_Traveller_caravan_count_-_Jan_2013