Update: Catherine Crawford Review

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Update: Catherine Crawford Review

In November 2013 JUST wrote to West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns -Williamson expressing our concern over the Review of the Police Complaints Process (The Catherine Crawford Review). We called for the deadline to be delayed as it was clear that the Review was failing to engage with BME communities and police officers in West Yorkshire, despite evidence of the disproportionate and adverse impact of policing practices on this group – our request was denied. Read our letter here.

In late December 2013 and early January 2014, JUST requested a copy of the Crawford Report which was scheduled for publication in December 2013  and was informed that the Review ‘is not complete.’ JUST sought an explanation for the delay and repeated our offer to facilitate a targeted session between Ms. Crawford and BME communities and stakeholders to inform the Review process. We received a response on the 15th of January inviting JUST and interested parties to a meeting on the 23rd of January for an hour.

In view of the short notice, JUST has written to the PCC asking for the meeting to be postponed to a later date and requesting a longer time allocation to enable a meaningful input into the Review. We are waiting for a response and will keep our readers updated.

In the meanwhile, if you have personal experience or views on the current complaints process in West Yorkshire that you wish to share please do not hesitate to contact us at