JUST Yorkshire is calling on the IPCC to undertake a full and thorough investigation of the incidents that led to the fatal shooting of 28-year old Mohammed Yassar Yaqub of Huddersfield on the 2nd of January by officers from the West Yorkshire Police constabulary.  At a time when ethnic minority confidence in the police is low, hate crime is on the rise against a background of disproportionate stop and search operations and low levels of trust in the police to use proportionate force, as highlighted in a recent IPCC Report,  it is critical that West Yorkshire Police makes a full and open disclosure of events leading up to the fatal shooting. (https://www.ipcc.gov.uk/sites/default/files/Documents/IPCC_Use_Of_Force_Report.pdf)

The IPCC reported a strong belief among BME groups that the ‘police were more ready to use excessive force’ than engage in ‘verbal communication and often targeted people ‘based on stereotypes.’ (p.vi-vii) Of the 191 investigations carried out by the IPCC over a five-year period involving 239 people, almost 30% were from a BME background.

In the context of West Yorkshire, 1438 allegations were made on the Constabulary’s use of force between 2009-14, ranking it among the top five in the country. (p.24-25) Whilst the statement from the West Yorkshire Police has made it clear that the pre-planned ‘operation related to information received about criminal possession of a firearm’, it is critical for West Yorkshire Police to be clear on the events that led to the shooting and provide full disclosure on whether its officers followed police protocol and control procedures.

The issue of police openness and transparency is particularly critical, as the incident comes so close to the recent killing of unarmed civilian Anthony Grainger by the Greater Manchester Police, which is currently the subject of a public inquiry.

According to Nadeem Murtuja, JUST’s Chair:

 ‘In the light of a breach in trust and confidence between the region’s ethnic minority communities and West Yorkshire police it is important that the IPCC thoroughly investigates West Yorkshire Police and its use of proportionate force and its control procedures. There is a great deal of disquiet in the community about the death of Mr Yaqub and it is crucial that both his family and the Huddersfield community are kept informed about the conduct of the investigation and the events that led to the fatal shooting’.

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  1. Sorry but the guy was justly dealt with by the police. Im sick and tired of us Asians using excuses to cover up our community failings. Huddersfield I believe is a better place now without this man thinking he can get away with alleged heinous crimes.i fully support the Police on this one and I hate the police.

    1. your comment is appalling!!! how you can justify and condone the police officers behaviour is beyond me!!! no one has the right to take a life, no one!!!

  2. Instead of asking why the Police were not wearing body cameras, I would have thought a more pertinent question would have been why did the deceased (I refuse to use the word ‘victim’ in this case this), have an illegal firearm in his vehicle, especially as it has since come to light he had already faced trial on two charges of attempted murder. This isn’t an issue of race, religion or ethnicity, but it IS and issue of criminality.

  3. No matter what a person has allegedly done in the past it doesn’t justly a summary execution at the side of the road.

    1. Summary execution?!! As the police intelligence had correctly indicated, there was a gun in that car. What do you expect the officer who first stepped out of the car to do? Politely tap on the window and ask “is this your car Sir?”

      That was a dynamic and very dangerous situation going on on that slip road that night, and lets be clear it was one of the perpetrator’s and his accomplices making. I am glad that it was the thug that died that night and not one of the policeman who all risked their lives protecting us from violent criminals like Yaqub

  4. This extrajudicial killing underlines the fact that the brown musalmen of Rotherham are firmly in the Zone of Non Being. Best of luck bringing humanity, accountability and justice to the fore.

  5. I’ve no sympathy for the deceased if all that is claimed about his source of income is true. As well, what sort of ‘car dealer’ drives around with a firearm in their car? Drugs are a ravaging plague and frankly i say good riddance to him if it is true he was one of those who profit from its spread and proliferation .

  6. Can we stop all this opinionated nonsense about it being an execution or the victim being a bad man and lets wait for the results of the enquiry. The only people who know what happened that night where the ones at the scene yet so many come on these forums spouting rumour as if they were there. I am not siding with the Police or the victim at this point in time because I don’t know the facts…lets wait and see what comes out of the investigation and then make an informed judgement.

  7. Agree with Paddy, speculation and personal opinion is one thing but facts and truth is what the family and the rest of us need. Whomever he was nobody has a right to take a life. We don’t have the death penalty in the UK for a reason.
    If human rights and law and order is what we respect and benefit from then we ought to defer to fair process, due diligence, accountability and judicial enquiry. Anything less is conjecture and a deviation from law and order that police officers are also bound to. If the officer acted appropriately then we can establish that when the evidence is openly presented. I have no partiality to anyone but the truth, fairness and lawfulness.

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