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BBC Radio 5 Live’s Rhod Sharp interviews JUST Yorkshire’s Chair Nadeem Murtuja following the fatal shooting of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub

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  1. very interesting radio

    Nadeem seemed to be saying that the community are upset, frightened and worried by the police stopping and trying to engage with a group of men in high powered cars who were also carrying illegal weapons, sadly the engagement ended in the death of Big Bad Stud Bad Boy aka Yass who had a loaded weapon in his car and the arrest of a number of others, in Huddersfield and Bradford,there was also information regarding Bad Boy Big Stud being involved in a trial regarding shotguns and their discharge at people which the prosecution witness suddenly changed their evidence at the last minute for some unknown reason. He still will not speak and looks very worried most of the time.

    just one question, are the community and Naz Shah mp from Bradford upset about this because carrying illegal weapons and whatever it is they are ‘protecting’ with these weapons, is normal community activity to do on an evening in Huddersfield? And if the police carry on trying to stop cars full of armed men there may be more ‘incidents’ like happened to Big Stud Bad BOy Yazz and his nice friends? Which is clearly racist as Naz Shah mp has implied (hope that non of the police were Jewish as Naz Shah mp really will go proper mental at the cops)

    In the community I live people would be really glad that the police were attempting to arrest illegally armed men who had multiple allegations made against them regarding drugs and violence and grooming. A loaded gun was in the car, is islamophobia as Naz Shah mp for Bradford said, the innocent explaination for the loaded weapon being in Bad Stud BOy yaz’s top of the range Audi that his dad innocently bought him for his birthday as Studs Big Boy yazz the daddy had been putting everything into his second hand Ferrari and Porche ‘just an innocent car valeting business’ and had no spare cash as he was the best ‘daddy’ ever in the world?

    Nadeem, I wonder why you don’t go get a job in a baked bean factory as you’d do less damage to all those genuine victims of racism, bigotry and islamophobia (and there are a number of them)…Big Boy Stud Thug is a news story that will change the whole debate and wider opinion you and your stupid conceited perspectives are doing such damage and destruction to the innocent…hold your head in shame you sad excuse for a human or are you just really thick??

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