In Memory of Dr Carl Hylton

We offer the friends and family of Dr Carl Hylton our deepest condolences at his passing.

As a foundIng member of JUST, he was deeply committed to the fight for social justice and equality.

We are the poorer for the passing of a committed activist who served his community well.

The Board of JUST Yorkshire

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  1. What can I say, when I heard he was seriously ill, that was bad enough and to be honest did not seem real.

    There was no time when you Carl, he was any different – last time saw him at joint Health event with University at Mandela in 2016.

    He was always the same, well turned out, carrying his leather briefcase, and the clear, low toned politeness and smile. And from what I am hearing always willing to help others if they needed it all with integrity.

    He was definitely One of a Kind.

    Which means when you meet that person, even though all of us are individual, this person has something extra.

    RIP Carl.

    Thanks for trying, fighting and archiving. One day we will all appreciate it and use it moving forward in a more positive way.

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