Anne Marie Morris

Institutional Racism

JUST calls on the Prime Minister, Theresa May to take a zero tolerance approach towards the clear racist language used by Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbott since 2010.

We have to say in the strongest terms, at a time when parliament has reached new heights in terms of diversity and representation that such vile racism has no place in contemporary Britain. We don’t only condemn the language – we frankly condemn the appalling phraseology used by Anne Marie Morris. This clearly shows that there are policy makers still in this country that have not learnt from history and the evil slavery that Britain traded in.

Nadeem Murtuja, Chair of JUST Yorkshire said:

“Many minorities, particularly people from African descent were condemned to evil atrocities that included death in the most evil and barbaric ways. To hear this language still being used by MP’s exposes some of the ugly underbelly that still has a place in our democracy – the mere fact that MP’s were not immediately offended, nor did they stand up to this racism speaks to the character of our democracy and brings into question how the MP and those who sat silently listening to this language without opposition can still serve in parliament. In that regard we call on all leaders to immediately commence an independent inquiry so that all who still support such views may be taken to task in the strongest terms”

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