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JUST Yorkshire condemns racist, Islamophobic and life threatening literature being posted throughout Hanover Square, Bradford

JUST Yorkshire strongly condemns the racist, Islamophobic and life threatening literature being posted throughout Hanover Square, Bradford, clearly targeting the Muslim community.

JUST is incredibly concerned for the welfare of the Muslim community, particularly those who are visibly Muslim, after it was brought to our attention that a pamphlet of an Islamophic nature threatening violence was posted in Hanover square in Bradford. We strongly urge local authorities and police forces to take these threats seriously, and ensure the Muslim community receives the maximum protection.

Nadeem Murtuja, Chair of JUST Yorkshire stated:

“I am incredibly concerned that the comments made in this racist literature follows the columns posted in the Sun by Sarah Champion and Trevor Kavanagh only a few days ago. Since then there has been a growing consensus on social media that both respective columns reflected the truth. We wrote at the time that such incendiary comments from prominent politicians including perceived champions fighting against abuse could inflame tensions, and though I accept that this material cannot be directly attributed to those columns, the themes between what is written in this racist material and those columns seem to show a correlation.

Moreover, I am extremely concerned that there are now Muslims in this country that are having to either shave their beards and remove their hijabs – taking away the very freedoms that form the cornerstone of British values and the right for people to practice their faith freely, evidenced by the fact that Islamophobic and racist driven hate has increased 5-fold in the last 5 years.

This is a time for calm heads, and people in positions of power, locally and nationally, need to become more visible in their stance towards protecting the human rights of all communities, including the Muslim community.”

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  1. I suggest Nadeem Murtuja liaise with these people concerned, and follow up on the accusation of grooming 3 girls in Hanover Sq, if to be true, then I suggest be make sure that parents, neighbouring Muslim residents, Islamic community and mosque know about it.
    Muslim people in positions of trust need to earn their respect and stamp out this white girl culture, if it were my daughters (or your) daughters, you’d be pretty peeved that no one is doing anything about it.
    Making threats of attacks and violence against a religion is not the way, however, if nothing is done, and no one in authority listens, parents will be angry.

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