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JUST Yorkshire launch independent report on Prevent which concludes it is built on a foundation of Islamophobia and racism and must be axed

JUST Yorkshire have launched a damning independent review into a strand of the government’s counter-terrorism initiative, Prevent, calling for its immediate closure.

The report, produced by senior lecturer in social sciences at Leeds Beckett University, Dr Waqas Tufail, and Dr Bano Murtaja, a senior associate at Know Comment, was based on interviews with 36 Muslim individuals including activists, journalists, faith leaders and students.

The findings concluded that Prevent is not only counter-productive, brewing a climate of self-censorship and fear. It holds the entire Muslim community as collectively suspect, and is built on a robust foundation of Islamophobia.

If the police lead for Prevent, Simon Cole’s recent comments regarding whether Prevent should be made mandatory comes to pass, this will mark a dangerous down-hill turn on the civil liberties of British citizens, especially given the chorus of voices within Muslim communities and beyond calling for Prevent to be rebuked, a call echoed by the findings of this report.

Nadeem Murtuja, Chair of JUST Yorkshire, said: “I welcome and fully endorse the findings of our independent report on Prevent, which makes a crucial and timely contribution to public debate concerning counter terrorism policy. The forthcoming launch marks a momentous point in the life of JUST. Our resurgence provides a significant opportunity to realise the vision of the late civil rights leader Ratna Lachman, to expand our focus, share intelligence across the regions, and galvanise Yorkshire, particularly in a post-Brexit world.”

Co-author and Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, Dr. Waqas Tufail, said:

“Our independent report has engaged with grassroots perspectives and has highlighted the many harms of Prevent, particularly those impacting on Muslim minorities. Our report adds to a number of established critical accounts of Prevent and we hope it is now the start of genuine public debate that seeks to move beyond this failed and counter-productive policy.”

To see the full report click here.

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  1. There is a consensus that the Prevent Program could not be better designed to destroy community cohesion, fragment communities, and target arbitrary groups according to a pre-set agenda. The reason for the determination to effect total government control at neighbourhood level has been prevalent for at least 20 years and is predicated upon fear – fear of loss of control, fear of loss of ‘native culture’, in effect, Islamophobia and racism at the core of the governing elite institutions. This not to say that there are no disruptive elements within the target communities, and it is for these communities, so as to enhance integration and diversity, to expunge the exploiters, the false-flag flyers, and those hypocritically using Islam as though a protective shield.

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