JUST Yorkshire Press Release: Anonymous survey to expose racial discrimination, institutional racism and bias in the workplace.

JUST Yorkshire will today launch an anonymous survey aimed at capturing the extent of racial discrimination taking place in the workplace, primarily in Yorkshire and the rest of the U.K. The aim of the project is to empower Black and Ethnic Minorities working in a wide variety of professions and industries to anonymously share the types of abuse and discrimination they have, or are currently suffering in the workplace without fear of reprisal. The survey will run alongside a social media campaign, #HearMyVoice, until December 31st where the results will be used to explore the economic, social impact on BAME communities, pin-point which institutions are responsible, and also to understand why aspiration and social mobility is a constant up-hill struggle for those from BAME backgrounds.

Numerous reports such as the Baroness McGregor-Smith review which found that people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are being held back in the workplace because of the colour of their skin at a cost of £24b to the economy, a report by the Runnymede Trust and Women’s Budget Group which claims the poorest black and Asian households are being hit the hardest since the Government’s austerity imposition, and the Lammy review which exposed the shocking extent of racial bias in our criminal justice system, have presented undisputable empirical evidence unearthing the grim reality of racial and social disadvantage in the U.K. Yet no tangible efforts have been made to redress this. This survey provides a unique opportunity to obligate the Government to act, and ensures those that commit this abuse have nowhere to hide.

Nadeem Murtuja, Chair of JUST Yorkshire, said: “Discussions on why BAME communities are struggling in the labour market often fixate on ‘meritocracy’, a word conveniently reserved almost exclusively for minority communities. The finger is only ever pointed at minority communities and never the institutions that perpetuate the conditions which hold them back. Until these industries, institutions, geographies and impact can be properly established and exposed, we believe that the Government will take no action. Our hope is that this survey will not only give a voice to those whose experiences of discrimination in the workplace have been silenced, but also to compel our government to take decisive and swift action to redress the gaping inequalities in our society instead of paying lip-service to damning reports on racial and social disparities in our country that are only regurgitating what we knew all along.”

The link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HearMyVoiceExposingWorkplaceRacism

Notes to editors:

For press enquiries call Aina Khan on 07957468931 or email: press@justyorkshire.org.uk
JUST is a racial justice, civil liberties and secular human rights charity that:

  • Campaigns for racial and social justice, civil liberties and human rights, primarily in the North of the UK
  • Provides evidence based recommendations to policy makers, together with an advocacy function for those people that have no recourse to public funds, legal aid or representation
  • Works with local communities, other civil rights organisations and policy makers/influencers locally, regionally and internationally, to protect human rights
  • Is underpinned by the principle that the freedom of all people, regardless of human characteristic or belief is interconnected – to compromise the freedom of one human being is tantamount to compromising the freedoms of the entire human race.

Further information is available on the JUST Yorkshire website: https://justyorkshire.org.uk/

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  1. It is about time that we discussed a fundamental point tht is hindering any further integration and that is the institutional barriers erected to ensure a prejuidicial attitude towards any outsides seeking a position, only once we have this is as a staring position can we really tackle the key issues and move beyond lip service

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