JUST Yorkshire Press Release: Anonymous Survey To Expose Racial Discrimination, Institutional Racism And Bias In The Workplace.

JUST Yorkshire Press Release: Anonymous survey to expose racial discrimination, institutional racism and bias in the workplace.

JUST Yorkshire will today launch an anonymous survey aimed at capturing the extent of racial discrimination taking place in the workplace, primarily in Yorkshire and the rest of the U.K. The aim of the project is to empower Black and…

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In Memory Of Dr Carl Hylton

In Memory of Dr Carl Hylton

We offer the friends and family of Dr Carl Hylton our deepest condolences at his passing. As a foundIng member of JUST, he was deeply committed to the fight for social justice and equality. We are the poorer for the…

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Why I decided to leave the Lib Dems – Lester Holloway

My reason for ending associations with this party was its’ collective failure to promote race equality and anti-racism both in policy terms and within the party itself. Some of the issues may be internal but as a public party that seeks public votes these are issues that concern us all, regardless of political affiliation or support. Indeed they are issues that, to a greater or lesser extent, affect all parties.
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Why the Immigration Bill is flawed

The Immigration Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, has profound implications for ‘race’ and community relations beyond Third Sector organisations dealing specifically with asylum and immigration. The likely impact of the Bill would increase discrimination against British citizens from…

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Over 100 civil society groups call for political leaders to recognise the value of human rights here at home

Today people across the world celebrate global Human Rights Day, a time to remember the everyday importance of human rights in protecting human dignity and providing a check on Government power. Here in the UK over 100 civil society groups,…

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