Young Radicals

Young Radicals is an innovative youth project that develops the potential of marginalized young people to become agents of change. Using youth-led approaches, the project uses Paulo Friere’s methodology to inspire young people to challenge injustices using activism and community action to create a fair, just and equal society.

The project is a joint initiative between JUST West Yorkshire and Free Radicals in London, who are both committed to creating a national radical movement of young people around issues of economic and social justice.


The project works by working with partner organisations, youth networks and young people to:

  • promote a youth voice in the shaping of services, policy and legislation which impact on young people
  • use mentoring approaches to encourage a spirit of enquiry that encourages young people to challenge current ideological and structural barriers which disadvantage them
  • undertake youth-led participatory action research to develop a robust database that challenges youth inequality
  • mobilise young people across the UK to formulate an agenda for youth action that transforms situations of disadvantage and oppression into social and political activism.
  • Challenge the negative press and media portrayal of young people through using alternative youth-led social media platforms
  • Support young people explore practical employment and training options which meet their needs

The ‘Young and Radical’ temporary blog is the first of our youth voice projects, and is a public platform for young people to provide critique and realism to issues which matter to them. This can be found here.

Young people will also be developing their own permanent webspace and printed newsletter.

Any young people interested in contributing, or organisations and individuals who would like to find out more, please email: