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Relive The JUST Yorkshire Launch From The 29th August

Relive the JUST Yorkshire Launch from the 29th August

Following the successful launch of JUST Yorkshire (formerly known as JUST West Yorkshire) on the…

Drive For Justice – Stop The Rohingya Genocide

Drive for Justice – Stop the Rohingya Genocide

On Sunday 17th September, JUST Yorkshire will be supporting a protest in solidarity with the Rohingya…

JUST Yorkshire Apologises For The Implications Of The Reference To Ms Sara Khan And Inspire In Our Rethinking Prevent Report: A Case For An Alternative Approach

JUST Yorkshire apologises for the implications of the reference to Ms Sara Khan and Inspire in our Rethinking Prevent Report: A Case for an Alternative Approach

Nadeem Murtuja, Chair of JUST Yorkshire stated: “Following a review of concerns expressed to us…